In Kannada the word means a ‘shout’ or a ‘cry’ or a ‘call’.

The first in the series of work being created by the Bangalore based theatre worker, Anish Victor, the solo performance was developed in collaboration with Michel Casanovas, a dancer and choreographer from France.

Koogu invited audiences to sense and engage with performance in fresh and unique ways. Through the use of text, dance, sound, and song – the piece explored realms that were simultaneously personal and universal. Koogu happened in Kannada, Hindi,  Tamil and English.

The production was intimate and flexible, which allowed it to reach people on terraces, in living-rooms, kitchens,  a forest, and even large auditoriums. Having performed across various spaces in Bangalore, Koogu has also travelled extensively through Assam, West Bengal, New Delhi, Kerala and Mumbai.

Koogu, which was managed and presented by Sandbox Collective, completed its performance journey with its 108th performance, in November 2016.

We are grateful to Visthar, whose support helped in the creation of the piece.

To know more about Anish’s latest piece of work – the second in the series – please click here.

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