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Koogu is a series of vignettes based conversations between Michel and Anish. There was a recurring theme that appeared in every conversation – the meaning of a ‘warrior’.

As the dialogue between the two men developed it became evident that the being of a ‘warrior’ was different from being a ‘soldier’. This formed a turning point in the dialogue as it now began to explore an expanded understanding of a warrior being a healer, a defender, a mystic, a man, a woman…

The time had arrived to take the talk on to the rehearsal floor.

Koogu is based on real incidents in the performer’s life, and through these incidents, the performance explores the grey areas that exist in our daily lives. Rather than being a mirror that will reflect the truth that exists – the performance attempts to be a prism that breaks down the truth into its many hues and shades.

The result is Koogu, a paean to invoke the warrior who resides in every being.

The performance employs text, dance, sound, song and music. In an attempt to break away from conventional ways of presenting and experiencing a performance Koogu blends styles and forms drawn from the Anish Victor’s training in devarattam, silambattam and tai chi.

Michel’s own training in ballet, contemporary dance and Feldenkrais has given the performance a shape and direction. He has worked on the production as a Dance Dramaturge and Spatial Designer.

The performance is flexible in its use of space and can be performed almost anywhere. There is a degree of audience participation through the performance; however – the decision to participate is left entirely to the individual. The duration of the performance is about 80 minutes, including performer-audience interactions. Please note that the performance may not be suitable for children below 13 years.

Currently,work is on to create Kannada and Hindi versions of the performance.

The performance is presented by Sandbox Collective, a Bangalore based organisation committed to expanding the scope of the performing arts, and is currently sustained through contributions raised through the performances. Please do visit the Support Koogu page to know the ways in which you can help this project.