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Koogu in Tumkur

Bhoo Shakti Kendra, an organisation that works on land issues, invited Koogu to its monthly meeting of people engaged in conflicts involving their land. This event is mostly attended by farmers and farm-hands in and around Tumkur. The struggle of any individual owning a piece of land with a government adamant on ‘economic development’ is much more complex than I thought it was. The performance also marked the beginning of the Koogu tour through Karnataka. Click on the image below to see more…


My gratitude to Aruna, Preetam, Jyothi and Raj.


Koogu at Diagrammar, Chennai

Friends, Kalpana and John, hosted the premier show of Koogu in Chennai at their workspace, which – when you click on the image below – you’ll see, has a super-fantastic terrace space most conducive for small, tech-light performances. Kalpana and John are eager to explore more possibilities of performances visiting, so you can get in touch with them through Diagrammar.