Please write to us for more details about the shows.

November, 2016      
 108 Friday 25th   8pm Visthar, Bangalore (Final Show) 
107 Saturday 5th
6pm Beagles Loft
October, 2016      
106 Sunday 23rd 3pm Cubbon Park, Bangalore
105 Sunday 16th 7pm IHC, New Delhi
104 Saturday 15th
7pm IHC, New Delhi
June, 2016      
103 Sunday 26th 7:30pm Brewbot, Mumbai
102 Saturday 25th 7pm Gyaan Adab, Pune
101 Friday 24th 5:30pm The Mona Lisa Kalagram, Pune
100 Thursday 23rd 8pm Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
99 Wednesday 22nd 7pm Drama School Mumbai, Mumbai
98 Tuesday 21st 7:30pm Clark House, Mumbai
97 Monday 20th 9pm Home Show, Mumbai
96 Sunday 19th 7:30pm Prithvi House, Mumbai
95 Sunday 19th 4:30pm Prithvi House, Mumbai
94 Saturday 18th 7:30pm The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai
93 Saturday 18th 5pm The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai
92 Friday 17th 8pm Mumbai Assembly, Mumbai
91 Thursday 16th 11am Ruparel College, Mumbai
90 Tuesday 14th 7pm Bacademy, Mumbai
89 Sunday 12th 7:30pm Barking Deer, Mumbai
88 Saturday 11th 9:30pm Bandra Base, Mumbai
87 Saturday 11th 6:30pm Andheri Base, Mumbai
April, 2016
86 Wednesday 27th 11:30am Beagles Loft
85 Sunday 24th 7pm Atta Galatta
84 Sunday 24th 3pm Atta Galatta
January, 2016
83 Thursday 14th 7pm Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
December, 2015
82 Friday 11th 5pm CnT Katte
81 Wednesday 2nd 7pm Fields of View
November, 2015
80 Friday 13th 11am World Peace Centre, Mysore
79 Saturday 7th 8pm Café Papaya, Kochi
78 Friday 6th 8pm Natyashastra, Kadampazhipuram
77 Tuesday 3rd 2:30pm Rajagiri Business School, Kochi
76 Monday 2nd 11am Folklore Museum, Kochi
75 Sunday 1st 6:30pm David Hall, Kochi
October, 2015
74 Wednesday 28th 7pm Home Show, Kollam
73 Tuesday 27th 10am Home Show, Irinjalkuda
72 Monday 26th 7pm Walden, Irinjalkuda
71 Saturday 24th 4pm Vallothal Vidyapeedam, Ponani
70 Thursday 22nd 8pm Kalarigram, Calicut
69 Wednesday 21st 6:45pm Kerala Sangeet Natak Academy, Trissur
68 Monday 19th 6pm Kanthari, Trivandrum
67 Thursday 15th 7:30pm Cobank Auditorium, Trivandrum
66 Tuesday 13th 6:45pm Ahalya Auditorium, Pallakad
65 Sunday 11th 8:30pm We’ll Figure It Out
64 Sunday 11th 6pm We’ll Figure It Out
September, 2015
63 Tuesday 8th 6:30pm Visthar
August, 2015
62 Sunday 30th 11am Abhinaya Taranga
61 Sunday 23rd 6:30pm Urban Solace
60 Monday 10th 1:30pm Bhoo Shakti Kendra, Tumkur
59 Saturday 8th 6:30pm ARTitude
June, 2015
58 Friday 19th 8pm Atta Galatta
57 Friday 19th 6pm Atta Galatta
May, 2015
56 Saturday 16th 7:30pm  Home Show, Benson Town
March, 2015
55 Tuesday 24th 7:30pm Ranga Shankara
February, 2015      
54 Wednesday 25th 8:30pm Humming Tree
53 Sunday 8th 7:30pm Indianostrum, Pondicherry
52 Friday 6th 7:00pm Pondicherry University
51 Tuesday 3rd 7:45pm Home show-Mandaiveli, Chennai
50 Monday 2nd 11:00am Koothu-p-Pattarai, Chennai
49 Sunday 1st 6:30pm Spaces, Chennai
48 Sunday 1st 10:30am Panuval Book Store, Chennai
January, 2015      
47 Saturday 31st 6:30pm Spaces, Chennai
46 Saturday 31st 11:00am Dojo, Chennai
45 Friday 30th
6:30pm Diagrammar, Chennai
December, 2014      
44 Saturday 20th 5:00pm Macbeth Drama, Assam
43 Saturday 20th 3:00pm Macbeth Drama, Assam
42 Friday 19th 2:30pm Artists Factory, Assam
41 Thursday 18th 3:00pm Under the Sal Tree Festival, Assam
October, 2014      
40 Friday 17th 6:00pm Vimochana
39 Friday 10th 7:00pm Shoonya
August, 2014      
38 Saturday 30th 7:00pm SAMOSA Festival, Nairobi
37 Friday 22nd 6:00pm Indian Institute of Human Settlements
36 Friday 15th  7:00pm The Arshinagar Project Workspace, Kolkata
35 Friday 15th 10:30am The Creative Arts Studio, Kolkata
34 Tuesday 12th 7:00pm Padatik, Kolkata
33 Saturday 9th 7:30pm Ebong Amra, Kolkata
32 Sunday 3rd 7:00pm Beagles Loft
July, 2014      
31 Friday 25th 5:30pm Shoonya
30 Friday 18th 7:00pm Shoonya
29 Friday 11th 6:00pm Shoonya
28 Tuesday 8th 3:00pm Azim Premji University
27 Friday 4th 7:00pm Shoonya
June – May, 2014    
26 Sunday 15th, June 7:00pm Home Show, Noida
25 Saturday 14th 7:00pm Studio Safdar, New Delhi
24 Friday 13th 7:30pm S47, New Delhi
23 Thursday 5th 10:30am Stonehill International School
22 Wednesday 4th, 7:30pm Shoonya
21 Saturday 10th, May 7:30pm Maraa
April, 2014      
20 Sunday 20th 7:30pm Ranga Shankara
19 Sunday 20th 3:30pm Ranga Shankara
18 Saturday 19th 7:30pm Ranga Shankara
17 Tuesday 15th 7:30pm Shoonya
February – January, 2014    
16 Tuesday 25th, February 6:00pm Maraa
15 Sunday 23rd 7:30pm Yours Truly ALMA
14 Sunday 23rd 3:30pm Yours Truly ALMA
13 Sunday 9th 7:30pm Yours Truly ALMA
12 Sunday 9th 3:30pm Yours Truly ALMA
11 Friday 24th January 12:30pm Studio33
December, 2013      
10 Friday 27th 6:30pm Visthar
9 Sunday 22nd 6:30pm Home show
8 Saturday 21st 6:30pm Divya’s Rehearsal Space
7 Saturday 21st 4pm Divya’s Rehearsal Space
6 Friday 20th 6:30pm Visthar
5 Sunday 15th 6:30pm Home show, Richard’s Town
4 Saturday 14th 6:30pm Home show, Marathahalli
3 Friday 13th 6:30pm Visthar
2 Friday 6th 6:30pm Visthar
November, 2013
1 Friday 29th 6pm Visthar (PREMIER)

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