If  you are here and reading this then you have some interest in knowing more about the technical aspects of the performance.


Koogu is designed to be intimate, so the ideal number of audience is anywhere between one and 50. The audience is invited to sit as close to the performance space as possible. we usually have people sitting on the floor or on mats. Chairs need to be provided for people who cannot sit on the ground.


The team, usually comprising of four people (including the performer) carries a laptop and small speakers to play the sound-tracks. However, if the audience is larger than 50 people then we request for a very basic PA system.


The lighting is simple and we usually make do with the general illumination available at the performance space. Please note that it is important to have have the audience in light as well.

In spaces where a lighting grid and related equipment exist, we do try and work it into the performance.  Again, the lighting for the performance is very simple. Please click on the links below to view the design. Special thanks to Niranjan Gokhale, the lighting designer for Koogu.


Koogu Light plot

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