Do read the options of support below and pick one that seems most feasible for you.

Option One: Help us fix performances.

  • You can put us in touch with organisations interested in hosting a show. The performance fee is usually decided after a dialogue with our hosts.
  • You can host a performance at your home or put us in touch with friends who may be interested in hosting a show in their homes. These performances will be non-ticketed with a pay-what-you-can model.

Please note that the performance requires audience-performer proximity in order to facilitate an interaction. Thus, it would help to keep the number of the audience to a maximum of 100 people. Multiple shows are always possible.And, yes, the performance can happen almost anywhere in the world.

Option Two: Donate

Donations to the Koogu corpus can be made to Sandbox Collective. Kindly note that the organisation is a registered partnership firm.



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